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Our Top 5 Products

We love our products, and we love to share them with you. The team here at Sensory Playground have experience with Children and adults in the Neurodivergent community. From ASD to ADHD, we are always on the lookout to make life easier and we've found some amazing products to help those special people in your life. here are our top 5 right now.

Bilibo by Moluk – Our Price £27.99

No batteries required. With Bilbo, children have a basic object that really lets their imagination run wild. They can sit in it, spin around in it, use it as a sled on a snowy day, as a scoop to carry toys in, a tunnel on a train track, a stepping stone or anything else they can think of. It is great fun for both indoor and outdoor use.

This amazing product has won Toy of the Year at the Good Toy Awards 2006 and is available in a variety of different colours.

When used for spinning, this product can provide great sensory stimulation for the vestibular system. It can also be used as a seat for a wiggly bottom when having an at home cinema afternoon with the family. Made from high grade rigid plastic that is also 100% recyclable, it is very easy clean and is fully portable so can be taken on a day out to the beach unused as a sand shovel or any other day trip.

Molluk is a great brand with a fantasic range of products to help  your little monster

Easy Laces – Our Price Child £4.49 Adult £5.49

Easy Lace No Tie Shoelaces are an ideal solution for those who find tying up shoelaces difficult. This can include children and adults with additional needs, limited mobility, dyspraxia or coordination difficulties.

The Pull and Lock arrowhead design ensures that they can be pulled through the eyelets easily and then are locked into place on almost all sizes of eyelets and as they are made of 100% silicone, these laces are washable.

The perfect aid to those who have a sensory issue with shoelaces

Communication Fans – Our price £5.49

Communication fans are a simple way for children to express either how they are feeling emotionally or how their sensory environment is affecting them.

These help both adults and children alike to be able to communicate thier needs when finding the right words at the right time is just not possible. A picture can say a thousand words when trying to express how you feel and are ideal for anyone with non-verbal autism and other communication difficulties.

This incredible tool will help explain feelins when things get too much

Mini Liquid Timer – Our Price £2.50

Do your children always seem to be on the go? Do you ever feel like you just need to stop for a minute just to take a moment to take a few calming breaths?

This 1-minute timer might be just what is needed. Just turn it upside down and watch the bubbles fall from the top to the bottom, it will captivate any person no matter the age.

This can be used as a great calming tool or it can help provide a distraction from unwanted behaviours. It does not last too long so reduces the risk of boredom. It can also be a great teeth-brushing timer if turned over and the children will never realise they have brushed for a whole 2 minutes when watching the mesmerising bubbles move.

These amazing little timers can help in so many ways. get the focus you need at the time you need it

Colour Changing Squish Ball – Our Price £3.49

This ball, Is great fun and irresistible to squeeze.

Then squeezed, the parts that bulge will appear to change colour. This brightly coloured groovy glob is the perfect tool to help anyone unwind and relieve stress.

This is a classic item that has been around for an age that fits in the palm of your hand and is great for adults as well as children from ages 3 and upwards.

This can help, not only by giving it a squeeze when stressed or feeling fidgety but also to help build up some strength back into your hands following hand or wrist surgery by providing gentle resistance.

these great little stress relivers can help even  the biggest of kids in your life


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