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Welcome to Sensory Playground Ltd

Your source for Sensory Toys and support

Sensory Playground is more than a business; it's a family-driven mission dedicated to prioritising parents and families. As parents ourselves, we cherish the unique and wonderful qualities of our children, and it's this very reason you're here today.

Our journey into the world of sensory play started long before our business took shape. Growing up, we faced numerous challenges, often without understanding why. It was only through a recent adult ADHD diagnosis that everything began to make sense. Instead of trying to fit square pegs into round holes, we've come to appreciate that not all pegs are identical.

Every child possesses their own distinctive personality and way of being. Our own children showcase a diverse array of skills and talents, and our duty as parents is to nurture and mold these abilities for the greater good.

My personal diagnosis has provided invaluable insights into our children's uniqueness. It's enabled us to uncover ways to ignite their passion for learning and play. In a world gradually awakening to the intricacies of mental and emotional learning challenges, there remains much to explore and understand. For some, even a trip to the local toy store can be an overwhelming sensory experience.

That's why we invite you to step into the digital realm of Sensory Playground. We want to share the knowledge we've gained and unite a community of kindred spirits – parents, friends, teachers, families, and anyone else seeking to unlock the hidden wonders that sometimes elude us. 

Here, you can discover, learn, shop, and savour the experience of our online store. Join us on this journey of understanding, support, and celebration of every child's unique potential.

Robyn Heggs

Director, Sensory Playground

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