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Traffic Light Ooze Tubes - Set of 3

Traffic Light Ooze Tubes - Set of 3


Traffic Light Ooze Tubes Set of 3 – Red, Yellow and Green - watch the liquid jelly dripping, bubbling and oozing from the top of the tube to the bottom!


Features of the Traffic Light Ooze Tubes include -

  • A true, visual sensory aid that can act as a focal point when the mind starts to wander
  • Can help to calm anxiety, ease stress and soothe the senses
  • Loved by adults and children of all abilities
  • A great resource to use on a light panel or mood table
  • Approximate running times – Red (30 minutes), Yellow (20 minutes) and Green (10 minutes)


Ideal for classroom communication, the child simply turns the relevant ooze tube over to indicate ;

  • Red – I do not understand
  • Yellow – I need a little help
  • Green – I understand

Ideal for children who do not wish to speak out in class, a discreet way of letting the teacher know you need their help or not, without gaining attention from their peers.


Size – Each Tube measures 12 cm in height by 5.5cm in diameter

One set of 3 Ooze Tubes (Red, Yellow and Green) is supplied

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