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Fidget Toys - Zuru Tangle Classic

Tangle Classic


Our classic tangles are safe, fun, fidget toy for adults and children to use. Zuru Tangle Classic is a smooth multi-colour tangle.


How do the classic tangles work? Essentially it is a series of colourful textured curves that connect and pivot in all directions. As with all tangles, the toy has no start or ending. This offers the user an opportunity to continiously move the toy through their fingers without any interruption.


It can be turned and twisted over and over again with the need to stop and restart the action. This fluid motion improves concentration whilst reducing stress and anxiety. The textured version adds a new dimension. It's bumps and grooves feel different in your fingers adding more input to the overall sensory experience. Popular reasons for why our customers by tangles: It is one of the best fidget toys you can buy.


The quality is excellent and the colours are vibrant Does more to engage children and adults than regular non fidget toys. It is a learning aid that can ease disruptive fidgety behaviour It can improve hand muscles, prepares your children's fingers for writing by strengthening fine motor muscles in the hand Dispels anxiety through its calming and twisting movements Helps children (and adults) break bad habits.


One colour supplied at random.

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