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Spiral Glitter Tube

Spiral Glitter Tube

PriceFrom £2.49

Large clear durable tubes in shatter-proof plastic filled with swirling liquid and glitter in bright colours.


  • HOURS OF FUN: Turn over the glitter wand and watch the cascading shapes sparkle, swirl and float around the clear tube. Great costume accessory for dressing up as a magical fairy or wizard and helps encourage imaginative play and role play


  • COLOURS AND SHAPES: Sparkly colours include yellow, blue, green and purple and styles such as stars and various shapes. Shapes and colours may vary.


  • VISUAL STIMULATION: The wands provide a gentle visual and tactile stimulation which can help children calm down, relax and improve their concentration and focus.


  • FEATURES: Material: Strong tough clear plastic, water, glitter | Size: 13 and 32cm long | Age: Suitable for ages 3+ | Handle with care and use under supervision
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