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Numberblocks Three and Four Playful Pals

Numberblocks Three and Four Playful Pals


These Numberblocks Playful Pals are ready for play adventures in Numberland!


Young fans of the TV series will love hugging and cuddling Numberblocks Three and Numberblocks Four Playful Pals and taking them on lots of imaginative play adventures.


Thanks to their hook and loop fastenings, these two fun friends hold hands, and their huggable size make them perfect for naptime snuggles.


Spark your child’s imagination with these fun, huggable Numberblock friends.


  • Made from soft, tactile fabric and with embroidered features, huggable Numberblock Three and Four Playful Pals plush toys are ready for cuddles and snuggles!
  • The limbs are securely attached, and perfect for little hands to grasp and carry.
  • These plush toys are stuffed with high quality foam to keep their shape.
  • Numberblock Three measures 30cm high, and Four measures 20cm high, and are the perfect size for hugging, carrying, snuggling, and playtime.
  • Also available, Numberblock One plush toy, Numberblocks One and Two Playful Pals and Sing-Along Numberblock Five (sold separately).
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