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Glitter Stick Kaleidoscope

Glitter Stick Kaleidoscope


This multicolored kaleidoscope will keep your kids intrigued and stimulated.


A great parenting tool to calm down before bed time or to encourage focus and attentiveness before activities that require concentration. Soothing colorful swirls creates a sense of serenity and calm.


Very suitable for those who suffer from stress and anxiety as well as those with autism, ADHD or special needs. Designed with safety and durability.


  • Simply turn the kaleidoscope to create magical, intricate, and beautiful mosaic designs that will dazzle and delight.
  • Educational and entertaining - Develops creativity, imagination and constant fascination Endless mesmerizing designs fascinates children and adults of all ages. Gives off a calming and Relaxing effect
  • Durable plastic for long lasting use. 15.3cm scope with removable 12.7cm glitter wand.
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