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Feelings Board

Feelings Board


Not everyone can interpret how other people are feeling or judge their mood from facial expressions and body language. Some people are unable to verbalise their own feelings and mood and this can lead to a sense of isolation within a group


The OurBoards Feelings Board enables a person to visually communicate their own mood and to see how other people are feeling.



  • Size approx. 63cm x 38cm

  • Includes 10 of 93mm x 63mm Gecko pockets. The pockets open along the long side to make it as easy as possible for someone with poor fine motor skills to place the pictures in the pockets themselves.


Suggested Use

  • Place photographs of each person in the family, team or office in the Gecko self-cling pockets and then everyone place their pocket in the appropriate column

  • Move your photograph from one column to another as often as necessary

  • Use the board as a prompt to discuss feelings and what triggers effect different moods

  • Easily wall mount the Feelings Board using 3M Command strips (included)

  • Materials Matter

    The Feelings Board is manufactured with a strong lightweight base and is robust and weather resistant. The surface of the mat is a dry wipe laminate then enables you to write and wipe time and time again. Only dry wipe pens and cleaning sprays should be used.

    OurBoard pockets are manufactured with a base layer of Gecko laminate. Gecko laminate is an amazing material that sticks to most smooth surfaces, such as wood, glass, whiteboards and smooth painted walls. Gecko laminate gives an optimum combination of ease of use and function and provides options to suit your particular environment. Mounted on the attractive, printed base layer is a clear PVC pocket that perfectly holds a 95mm x 60mm, approximately credit card size, piece of paper or card

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