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Dr.Barmans Super Brush Compact Junior Toothbrush 6-11 Years

Dr.Barmans Super Brush Compact Junior Toothbrush 6-11 Years


Dr. Barman's super brush toothbrush is ideal for the age between 6 to 11 years and for people with smaller teeth.


Dr. Barman's super brush has rounded filaments that hug the teeth and provides a simple and effective approach to thorough tooth cleaning. It makes brushing easier and prevents build-up of plaque and improve gingival health. Super brush has shown significant results in several clinical studies in many countries both when used by children and adults.


How to use: Use small and light "scrubbing" Movements and move the brush from tooth to tooth avoiding long and hard strokes. Tilt the brush inwardly and outwardly while moving along the teeth ensuring that the bristles reaches the gum line on the inside and outside of teeth.


Super brush has also proven to be very effective for people with less motion in hands/arms and for care providers. It is also more comfortable for the care recipient.

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