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Dr. Barman's Superbrush Child Toothbrush - 0 to 6 Years

Dr. Barman's Superbrush Child Toothbrush - 0 to 6 Years


It is often challenging to brush children' Teeth. Dr. Barman's super brush toothbrush has been awarded for making tooth brushing easier for children and their parents.


Several studies among children and parents have shown significant results, It removes more plaque and is easier to use. Dr. Barman's super brush has rounded filaments that hug the teeth and provides a simple and effective approach to tooth cleaning. The bristles are extra soft and gentle to the gums. Super brush is based on a simple horizontal scrubbing technique which is a natural movement for young children.


How to use: Use small and light "scrubbing" Movements and move the brush from tooth to tooth avoiding long and hard strokes. The toothbrush may be tilted inwardly and outwardly while moving along the teeth ensuring that the bristles reaches the gum line on the inside and outside of teeth.


Dr. Barman recommends to brush for two minutes, but parents are not always allowed to brush for a such a long Time. Super brush ensure maximum effect of the time spent brushing. As super brush hugs the teeth It directs itself along the teeth which make it easy for parents to brush and more comfortable for the child. 

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