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Playfoam Pluffle Twist - Black and White

Playfoam Pluffle Twist - Black and White


Playfoam Pluffl Twist Black & White is the mesmerising feelgood fluffy stuff that’s perfect for tactile learning and creative play.


Flip the new sturdy, twisted resealable packaging design, and pour out eye-catching Playfoam Pluffle. Then grab it with both hands, give it a squish, watch the satisfying, mesmerising, lava-like flowing action.


Ideal for creative and tactile play, Playfoam Pluffle Twist Black & White is the mesmerising, feelgood fluffy stuff

  • Ideal for tactile learning and play, pour Playfoam Pluffle out of the resealable packaging. Then give it a squish and watch the lava-like flowing action.
  • Perfect for sensory learning, the super-soft squishable fluffy texture is ideal for creating sensory bins.
  • Run your hands through Playfoam Pluffle to see the magical, mesmerising slow-motion flow. Squishing and squeezing Playfoam Pluffle helps with fine motor skills development.
  • Once playtime is over, Playfoam Pluffle stores in the new resealable packaging.
  • The child-friendly formula never dries out, so the squishing, flowing fun never ends.
  • Tube measures 20cm H x 13cm W x 7cm D.
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