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Toileting Fan

Toileting Fan


Communication fans are a simple way for children to express either how they are feeling emotionally or how their sensory environment is affecting them.


The fans are robust for regular use and can be wipe clean with an anti bacterial wipe.


The toileting communication fan is a simple way for children to visually see the various steps of toileting and the sequence between the steps.   


Contains 10 symbols :

  • pull down
  • toilet
  • wee (boy standing)
  • wee (girl sitting)
  • poo
  • wipe
  • flush
  • pull up
  • soap
  • wash hands


It is ideal for children with non-verbal autism and other communication difficulties and provides a visual way to sequence the steps involved in the routine. 


Approx size: 13cm length, 4.5cm at widest point

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